IE8 breaks <asp:Menu> control

There has been a lot of controversy since the public release of IE8 last March, 19th (even before, when in beta) due to it is following the standards and because it does not properly render <asp:Menu> controls under certain conditions (because <asp:Menu> control developers did not follow the standards).

If you see this error feedback in Microsoft Connect regarding ASP.NET menu control not working in IE 8 beta 2, they closed it as ‘By design’ which means that IE8 behaves as it should, that the source of the problem is not IE8, but the ASP.NET engine. As they say, Microsoft will be releasing KB for ASP.NET that issues this problem sooner or later.

In the meantime there are some workarounds, as explained in ASP.NET Menu and IE8 rendering white issue:

  1. Overriding the z-index property.
  2. Using CSS Friendly Control Adapters.
  3. Add the IE7 META tag to the project.

Up to here, nothing new under the sun, I am just introducing you some facts already in the public web… the bad news of this post is that my solution for ASP:NET menu control optimization, posted yesterday, needs an update because it uses <asp:Menu> behind the scenes and shows the same behavior in IE8. The good news is that, since the menu is taken from an external file, only 2 files need to be updated, and not the masterpage, nor all the pages of whole website, etc.

~/resources/menu.css should be updated to include .IE8Fix { z-index: 100; } and ~/resources/menu.aspx should be updated so that DynamicMenuStyle includes an attribute CssClass="IE8Fix"

Those little changes are already implemented in the project available for you to download so you do not need to worry about this problem and concentrate yourself in optimizing.

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